CRM Software Development

Customer Relationship Management

Multiple Marketing Strategies

Automate your marketing funnel while doing A/B testing and email follow-ups

Better Selling and Negotiation

Engage with customers in their buying decisions and grow overall selling

Real time Revenue Reports

Get cumulative reports, personalized as per your business needs

Deep Customer Insights

Get a 360° view of your customers and track their entire journey in auro CRM right from your device

Support Ticketing System

Dynamic ticketing system for better management and transparency in communication

Run Surveys Feedbacks

The CRM will help to define custom survey forms and get relevant feedback from customers
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Customer Relationship Management is simple. With the fair experience of our technicians, you can easily get the best CRM System application even if you don’t have the right knowledge on it, we would customize and provide the simplified back end. The platform can be tailored as the time demands while understanding the requirements of your target audience. The multiple workflow automation tools simplify the task of making required changes, via GUI.

Secure your crucial data in a cloud-based server, away from the latest security threats. The unique IP of your data is hosted at dedicated, secure servers. So, no third-party involvement!

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